Millennials – The Most Educated Generation in American History

Currently defined as those between the ages of 18 and 29, Millennials are the latest generation to emerge in America and make up nearly a quarter of the country’s population. Characteristics that researchers deem typical of the generation include optimism, tech-savvy, liberal leanings, and a solid educational background.

In fact, Millennials seem set to become the most educated generation in American history, with 40% attending college. And Millenials aren’t stopping there either – a whopping 50% of those in college say they also plan to pursue graduate degrees.

This trend towards higher education could be a sign of the changing financial times, or perhaps simply evidence of the remarkable smarts and ambition that define this generation. Maybe it’s a little of both.

Want to know what else sets Millenials apart?
Here are some interesting stats on the politics, lifestyle and education of Millenials:
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3 thoughts on “Millennials – The Most Educated Generation in American History

  1. great post! thanks for leaving a comment on my website. I don’t think that this is a sign of a change in the financial climate of america. I would guess that each student has an absurd amount of debt that might take a life time to pay off.

  2. So is the argument of ridiculous amounts of student debt the reason that this highly educated segment of the population has yet to flee the nest?

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